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Keeping Moonlight's Child Alive
All our wands are individually handcrafted by Califer the Wandmaker.

Each piece of wood is selected with great care and an eye to the finished wand. Whether it is made for stock or to specific customer requirements, every wand is unique and has its own character & no two are alike.

Some wands may have slight imperfections, this is because they are not made from dowels but from real wood collected from Mother Earth in the beautiful hills and woodlands of Shropshire, England also from the Moray Firth shoreline in Scotland and the coast of Wales.

All our wands are made using traditional methods and although we have some wands in stock the majority of our wands are bespoke - made to your instructions.

If you require a wand that is crafted personally for you to your specifications please allow a minimum of 28 days for delivery. Wands are only made during the period between the new moon and the full moon. We do not craft any wands at the time of a waning moon so the moon phase dictates the period of time taken to construct your wand. Therefore it may be slightly longer before your wand is ready depending on when you place your order. We will keep you updated during the time from ordering until your wand is dispatched.

The colours of our wands are natural – no wood stain is used so you only see beautiful natural colour & deep rich grain.

If requested; we can add a light coat of clear furniture grade varnish, or a coating of bees wax to protect the wood.

All our wands are crafted using hand tools. In addition, we strive to ensure that our wands are perfectly balanced and just feel wonderful in your hand.

If you would like a wand made just for you please contact us by e-mail at

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