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Wheel of the Year, A4 Poster

Keeping Moonlight's Child Alive
Wheel of the Year

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The Festivals of the Wheel Of The Year also represent the active and dormant states of nature, man and agriculture.

Each of the festival days was ruled by a governing deity, whether a God or Goddess, with each region having its own associated deity. From planting to reaping, from winter to summer the seasons were of great importance to our ancestors. Our ancestors very existence depended upon good harvests, mild winters & enough rainfall.

These mini-posters are A4 sized documents (210 297 millimetres) that have been printed on high quality 90gsm A4 Parchment Style Paper. These documents are new and not an antique. To be clear, these documents are paper products, they are not printed on real parchment which is made from the skin of animals. These documents have been laser printed to ensure sharp quality of print. They are great A4 sized mini-posters which are suitable for framing to hang on your wall.

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