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Theban Script A4 Poster

Keeping Moonlight's Child Alive

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The Witches Alphabet or Theban Script is often used by modern Witches to write Spells and Incantations. Some Witches use it to hide from prying eyes, the meanings in their Book of Shadows.

Theban can be used to inscribe sigils and magical words on talismans and ritual tools to enhance their Power. It can be used in candle magic to inscribe the purpose of the spell into the candle being used.

The document contains a brief history of the Theban Script.

This is an A4 poster sized document It has been printed on high quality parchment paper with high quality ink that will not run if it gets wet. We don't suggest trying it though, the paper can still be damaged by water.

These mini-posters are A4 sized documents (210 297 millimetres) that have been printed on high quality 90gsm A4 Parchment Style Paper. These documents are new and not an antique. To be clear, these documents are paper products, they are not printed on real parchment which is made from the skin of animals. These documents have been laser printed to ensure sharp quality of print. They are great A4 sized mini-posters which are suitable for framing to hang on your wall.

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