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Pudding Bowl Incense Burning Kit

Keeping Moonlight's Child Alive

Pudding Bowl Incense Burning Kit

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This is a wonderful little item to have as an aid to your ritual work or indeed just to get the great aroma of hand blended incense floating through your living space. They are professionaly crafted from a specialist blend of clay by Britain’s last Itinerant Master Brickmaker and Historical Potter, available only through Califer Hill. This kit comes with everything you will need to burn any form of incense.

They are hand made to order, so you can be sure that the set that you receive has been made specially for you.

This handcrafted bowl and diffusing lid set are crafted in a Provincial Medieval style of glazed earthenware, specially for burning incense.This is our newest high quality incense burning kit with more to follow soon.

Each kit comes supplied with the following merchandise:

  • One glazed, handmade pottery bowl and diffusing lid of glazed clay, fired at 1100 degrees Centigrade.
  • 100g minimum weight of small pebbles, these allow for a good air flow under the charcoal and
  • One pack of ten, Swift Lite charcoal discs.
  • 10g of Califer Prosperity Blend of incense which contains herbs, spices & Frankincense.
  • 10ml of base oil, should you wish to make incense cakes.
  • A basic incense making article to help you create your own incense and assist you to avoid harmful substances.

The bowl and diffusing lid is made using a traditional, provincial method in a Medieval style and will look wonderful in any room of your home.

Our natural incense is made without any chemicals to assist in combustion, so we supply Swift Lite charcoal discs which are easy to light. Just light one edge of the charcoal disc and it will immediately start to burn across the whole disc. These discs can burn anywhere from 30 - 45 minutes.

The small pebbles dissipate the heat evenly and allow for a free flow of air to circulate around the charcoal allowing it to burn more effectively. They also dissipate the heat so the bowl is still cool enough to handle if you need to move it with the hot coals still burning. These pebbles can also be used as a support to stand burning incense cones and sticks in.

At Califer Hill, we use only natural oils, resins, woods and leaves, some of which are home grown, for use during rituals. We craft our own incense blends from classical recipes from many traditions and cultures. Should you wish us to make a personal blend, we would be more than happy to discuss bespoke blends relating to, incense, oils, resins or other items not currently stocked.

Even though our bowls are fired at 1100 degrees and therefore it is unlikely to crack we strongly recommend the use of the pebbles provided and would advise that you use a coaster under your bowl to protect the surface it is resting upon.

As a final safety notice, please remember that you are using a product that produces an intense heat. Please keep children and pets safe when burning incense.


Handmade item.
Materials: Specialist Clay, Charcoal, Hand Blended Incense, Pebbles, Frankincense, Herbs, Spices, Oil, Incense.
Made to order.
Ships worldwide from Telford, England.

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Updated 30 January 2016