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Provincial Medieval Style Mortar & Pestle

Keeping Moonlight's Child Alive

....All UK prices include postage and packing....All UK prices include postage and packing....

Brand New Hand Made Mortar & Pestle Set.
Please note: One Mortar & Pestle per set.

mortar & pestle mortar & pestle mortar & pestle mortar & pestle mortar & pestle

My Own Mortar & Pestle Set Being Used To Make Black Salt

mortar & pestle mortar & pestle mortar & pestle mortar & pestle mortar & pestle

Mortar & Pestle

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This is a wonderful item to have as an aid to your ritual work. The surfaces are really great for grinding herbs and spices, or as illustrated for grinding charcoal and salt for your own Black Salt.

They are professionally crafted from a specialist blend of clay by Britain’s last Itinerant Master Brickmaker and Historical Potter, available through Califer Hill. This set comes with a clay ring to rest your mortar upon whilst adding herbs or spices.

This handcrafted mortar and pestle set is crafted using a Provincial Method in a Medieval style of unglazed earthenware.

Each set comes supplied with the following merchandise:

  • One Handmade pottery mortar, pestle of unglazed clay, fired at 1100 degrees Centigrade.
  • An information sheet covering care of your set.

Our mortars and pestle sets are fired at 1100 degrees and therefore unlikely to crack through normal use. They all come with a 12 month guaruntee against material defect.


Handmade item.
Materials: Specialist Clay.
Shipping worldwide from Telford, England.

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Updated 30 January 2016